TISERVICES offers a Title Rate And Closing calculator, TRACcalculator that allows an individual title company to incorporate an on-line comprehensive title insurance rate calculator as a part of their own company internet or intranet website, enhancing the company’s marketing program.

The TISERVICES provides an accurately calculated Detailed Title Quote to real estate brokers, lender, sellers & buyers/ borrowers for estimating and reviewing their closing costs. The TRACcalculator also provides lenders with accurate title rate and closing fee information for preparation of the TRID/ Loan Estimate and HUD-GFE (if necessary) for their borrowers. Real estate brokers and lenders alike have the ability to go online 24 X 7 and seamlessly retrieve the necessary information in servicing their client's transaction. Title companies utilizing the TRACcalculator also like the ability of providing their necessary information to their customers in a very cost effective and transparent means, without affecting their daily flow of business.

By adding the TRACcalculator to your company’s website, your customers will be able to instantly receive a Detailed Title Quote, TRID/ Loan Estimate and HUD-GFE ( if necessary) for their residential (1-4) real estate transactions in a printable pdf and email format that provides the following detailed information:

* Automatically calculates applicable discount programs (i.e. reissue / short term & refinance rates) / ** If Applicable

The TRACcalculator subscription service is available for either a 6 month or 1 year term with a minimal initial setup fee and a low monthly subscription fee. The TRACcalculator is easily added to a title company’s website in minutes and is fully managed and maintained by TISERVICES.

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